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Neil Rieck
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.
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Location: Kitchener is located 100 km (62 miles) west of Toronto and 100 km east of London. Kitchener and Waterloo have been twin cities for more than 100 years but, in 1973, Kitchener and Cambridge grew together. Today, the three communities collectively form "the golden technology triangle" which host schools like the University of Waterloo, Wilfred Laurier University, and Conestoga College. Waterloo is home to companies like Black Berry (formerly RIM), Sandvine (formerly PixStream), OpenText and Teledyne DALSA (almost all optical sensors on NASA's Mars rovers came from here). Kitchener is home to companies like ATS (Automated Tooling Systems) and Christie Digital. Cambridge is home to companies like Toyota Manufacturing Canada and Com Dev.

Employment: I am employed as a computer technologist by Bell-ATS (Advanced Technical Services) which is a division of "Bell Canada". (Caveat: All my internet postings are my own and have nothing to do with Bell Canada). I primarily develop web apps for RHEL and CentOS systems as well as web and green-screen apps for "OpenVMS on Itanium2", "OpenVMS on Alpha" and "VMS on VAX" platforms. (Click: here to view my OpenVMS resource page)

Vision 1: I often associate Wikipedia with the "Encyclopedia Galactica" mentioned in Isaac Asimov's "Foundation and Empire" novels although the author never envisioned it in this form (Asimov died just as the world-wide-web was taking off). I have financially contributed to Wikipedia every year since 2003 and challenge you all to do the same. Asimov fans might be interested in this: 15-Book Reading Order as Suggested by Asimov from "Author's Note" of "Prelude to Foundation"

Vision 2: I am convinced we can advance medical science while improving both the length and quality of our lives by participating in folding@home and BOINC. Visit the next two links to learn more: Guaranteed Human Life Extension

Sports: I earned a Black Belt (Shodan) in Karate (GoJu-Ryu) and Kobudo on 2012-01-28 (what an ordeal). Click here: my 6-hour black-belt grading for the details

Food for thought: I learned recently that the final price for the manned space program up-to-the end of Apollo moon missions was US$25 Billion in 1970 dollars. After reading books like "Journey to the Moon: A History of the Apollo Guidance Computer" I came to the realization that the US$25 Billion was an investment in the future, and that Western life is now very different from what it would have been without Apollo. So what's up with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? The US is spending US$10 Billion per month and getting absolutely nothing for it. The price of the war was already over two Trillion dollars in 2006 and is much higher now especially when considering hidden costs. Click: The $2 Trillion Dollar War for more information. Money can be used either constructively or destructively. When will America wake up and get out of the Middle East? No society can be handed democracy; It is something a society seizes then nurtures when sufficient mature for it. (American people know all about this when they dealt with British troops on their soil in 1776). Meanwhile, the world-wide-web (which you are using to read this post) was invented in 1989-1990 by European scientists in CERN who wanted to simplify document sharing. This is further proof that peaceful research is more productive than military force.